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New Bullettin / Bollettino di gara aggiornato (06/07)

Comunicato in Italiano
..for the English version see www.orienteering.it

Course Lenghts / Caratteristiche dei Percorsi

Registration and Entry Fees: –> see registration page

Map and terrain description –> here

Organizing Team: Trentino Orienteering
Event Director: Adriano Bettega
PWT responsibles: Jörgen Mårtensson and Gabriele Viale

1st stage organizing club: G.S. Pavione Imèr
Course Setter 1st stage: Dennis Dalla Santa
Stage responsible: Adriano Bettega

2nd stage organizing club: U.S. Primiero
Course Setter 2nd stage: Nicolò Orler
Stage responsible: Pierpaolo Corona

3rd stage organizing club: A.S.D. Cauriol Ziano
Course Setter 3rd stage: Adriano Bettega
Stage responsible: Remo Deflorian

4th stage organizing club: Orienteering Pergine
Course Setter 4th stage: Marco Bezzi
Stage responsible: Gino Vivian

5th stage organizing club: G.S. Pavione Imèr
Course Setter 5th stage: Adriano Bettega
Stage responsible: Gabriele Bettega

Info flyer on oritrentino.it
Bullettin 1 on orienteering.it
Bullettin 2 on orienteering.it
Comunicato gara in Italiano

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