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mappa dolomititour2015

Stage 1 – Sunday, July 12thCastellir 10 - francobollo

Map: Castellir
Realized: 2011
Map scale: 1 : 10.000 (enlarged from 1:15.000)
Contours: 5 m

Description: Castellir map has been used for Italian Championship in 2011 both for Long distance and Relay.

Terrain: Open land with scattered trees, and forest with mainly coniferous woods; rock and contours details are frequent in some areas; few paths. Good runnability and visibility.

Altitude: 1400m-2000m above sea level


Stage 2 – Monday, July 13thTognola 7.5 - francobollo

Map: Alpe Tognola
Realized: 2014
Map scale: 1 : 7.500
Contours: 5 m

Description: Alpe Tognola is on the top of a mountain plateau over the famous  tourist center of San Martino di Castrozza. It’s a beautiful window in front of the Pale di San Martino in the natural park of Paneveggio e Pale di San Martino.

Terrain: Typical alpine open terrain. Plenty of rock and contour details. Mixed runnability from good to very slow (due to undergrowth and rocky terrain).

Altitude: 1900m-2200m above sea level


Stage 3 – Tuesday, July 14thZiano 5 - francobollo

Map: Ziano
Realized: 2013
Map scale: 1 : 5.000 (ISSOM rules)
Contours: 2.5 m

Description: Mountain village with some old buildings and narrow passageways, surrounded by fields.

Terrain: Many man-made features and little contour detail. Very good to excellent runnability. Mix of roads and hard surfaces and grass.

Altitude: 950m-1100m above sea level

Stage 4 – ThuLavarone 10 - francobollorsday, July 16th

Map: Lavarone Nord
Realized: 2014
Map scale: 1 : 10.000  (enlarged from 1:15.000)
Contours: 5 m

Description: WOC 2014 Long distance final was held in the hills and valleys of Lavarone last year.

Terrain: Mix of alpine, pine, spruce and beech forest. The terrain is a mix of areas with good visibility, forest with good running condition, and areas where vegetation is more dense and running speed is reduced.

Altitude: 1100m-1400m above sea level

Stage 5 – Friday, JBellamonte 10 - francobollouly 17th

Map: Bellamonte Sud
Realized: 2011
Map scale: 1 : 10.000  (enlarged from 1:15.000)
Contours: 5 m

Description: Bellamonte is an old Italian map numbered CO 3, the first version dates 1982 and began  a long tradition for orienteering in the area.

Terrain: Open forest with mainly coniferous woods (spruce); rock and contours details are present; as well as some marshes and paths.  Quite good runnability and visibility.

Altitude: 1300m-1500m above sea level

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